Week 9

Jewbie’s Journal Week 9

After defeating a tiefling named Anger, our group of misfits found a burning key, and took it to the chamber filled with Ice and released the dwarven priest from his imprisonment. He thanked them before vanishing to the great beyond to sit beside his god for all eternity.

The group searched the royal bed chambers next to the cold forge that they fought in. They found nothing of significance at first, but then Jewbie was able to find a secret chamber in the bathroom. It led to a winding staircase leading up, and exited into the royal throne room. There, they saw the winter king, unthawed, sitting atop a giant’s throne. The ice scepter was within his grasp.

TomTom, being the stealthy little thief that he is, was able to sneak behind the winter king without being noticed. At that point, he was able to quickly rip the ice scepter out of the giant’s grasp before he could react. Though, the king did immediately notice and turn to attack. A fight ensued, and although the Winter king continually trapped the adventurers underneath falling debris, they prevailed, killing the king and ending his endless winter.

After stealing the crown from atop his head, the group left and found the ship which brought them there turned to solid ice. It told them it had time enough for one last journey before it would melt forever. The sun was shining, and the snow fast melting. An owl landed nearby and began to speak in Douven’s voice. Douven needed their help, immediately. So, the group went directly to Waterdeep, and set the ship down in the middle of the city, among a crowd of amazed onlookers!

Redsky was able to calm the guards before a fight broke out, and they visited the market place before going to Dueven. When they got there, they noticed a grisly scene. Douven lay dead on the ground in a puddle of his own blood, and his wife lay in the next room, also dead. Their daughter, Molly, was nowhere to be found. They found the name Ironbeard written in blood underneath Douven’s body, and also a signet ring of the thieves’ guild. Clues to the murderer. Then they fought dueven’s ghost, which was driven mad by a lich.

They needed to follow the leads. First redsky disguised himself as a member of the thieves’ guild using the signet ring. He was able to get the name of Morik the rogue. Next they went to find Morik, and continued to use the disguise to talk him into meeting them outside the crowded bar. Later, on the docks, a fight broke out, and Morik tried to flee, but was caught by Jewbie and the rest.