Week 8

Play with fire, you’re gonna get frozen!

Jewbie’s Journal Week 8

After the battle in the kitchen, our adventurers decided they would go after the little gnome woman who ran away. They backtracked into the eating hall, only to notice that the door to the east was now slightly ajar. Pushing through it, they saw another door on their right, but it was completely frozen. Being the tough guys that they are, they had Vlade force the doors open, only to find the ghost of a dwarven priest trapped inside the room. The room was frozen completely, from floor to ceiling, and the ice was trapping the ghost! Although insubstantial, he couldn’t get free of his icy prison. He kept pointing to the hole in the door and mouthing, for he couldn’t speak, the word in dwarven for Key; specifically, fire key. The group had no such key, so they continued on their merry way!

They hit a T junction, and left and right was a long hallway, with multiple doorways in both directions. Seeing no other options, the party picked a random door. As they neared it, a female voice from inside pleaded for help. Upon entering a jail cell, they saw multiple unmoving corpses in cages, but also a beautiful woman, who claimed to be the winter queen, the tragic wife of the cruel king, with one of her lady in waiting locked up next to her. The group fell for the ruse at first, but then one of them remembered that there was never a winter queen associated with any of the legends. The queen and lady turned out to be none other than Azrinda and Zanna, the gnome illusionist sisters (one of which was the wizard whom they previously lost).

A fight ensued, and the gruesome twosome that was the sisters proved to be quite formidable foes, especially when the adventuring party was grouped close together. The adventurers had a clever idea of luring them out into the hallway into 2 groups, so that they could divide, flank, and conquer, but the plan hit a snag early one. While the rest of the part fell back, TomTom rushed forward and was surrounded by the lifeless zombies and knocked unconscious within seconds. The team also didn’t spread out enough, and Azrinda and Zanna were able to berate them with multiple area damage spells. Though they hit a few snags, and TomTom was knocked out several times, the group was able to finally kill the evil sisters and loot their dead corpses. It was a fine day, and they found some gold and a gold ring on one of the sisters, along with the jail key.

Though the party was hurt, they were not hurt badly enough to be dissuaded from continuing on. They went to the next door and found a giant room with a slew of frozen creatures. They turned out to be creatures frozen by the touch of the winter king, for he was cursed, and turned all he touched to ice. Of particular note, there was a white frost dragon frozen in the middle of the room with an icy key strung around his neck. The group feared, and rightly so, that if they took the key from around the neck of the dragon it would unfreeze the dragon, so in an effort to kill the dragon before it became a threat, TomTom stabbed at its heart. Unfortunately, all that it did was to shatter the ice encasing the dragon, and he spread his icy wings and shook the remainder of frost off himself, very much alive, and very hungry.

The group tried to talk to him, and although they commanded the dragon’s attention for a short time, they also ended up insulting him. A fierce battle ensued, and the dragon’s icy breath froze the party on more than one occasion. Things weren’t looking up for the group, and in the end redsky was knocked unconscious by the monster’s icy bite. The cleric was much more fortunate than their newfound friend Marko Lancet was. The dragon came down on the poor man and bit his head off with its razor sharp teeth in one clean movement. Luckily, for everyone else, that was the monster’s last ditch effort, for the party killed it soon after.

Jewbie happened across some magical bracers that greatly increased his damage, and they took the key from around the dragon’s neck. Having just been through a long day, the group locked themselves in the prison and slept for the night.

The next morning, the group proceeded to the north. They went through another door in the same hallway and found a room full of traps, with a vault at the other end. The vault had a funny sort of combination lock to it, and after the group figured out the riddle, they realized that things were sometimes much simpler than they seemed. Inside was a pile of gold and rubies. The adventurers plundered the site, and on the way out, an ettin (A 2 headed giant) crashed through the outer door with a group of humans behind him. The group cleverly flipped a switch and used the traps in the room to their advantage, spearing the small band of evil doers with portcullis’s on more than one occasion.

Using the traps, the heroes made short work of the small band of enemies and moved on. The next doorway, in the southern end of the hall held a small alchemical workshop which had 3 potions of healing. After defrosting the frozen potions using Vlade’s hot breathe, they foolishly continued to play with the alchemist’s reagents. 8.2 hastily mixed together 2 ingredients, and Vlade foolishly drank their contents. This happened not once, but three times! The results were devastating, and Vlade became infected with the same disease that Jewbie got from the tentacle raper’s poison. If they take another rest, the disease could progress to the next level, making them unable to heal themselves at all.

Then they found a circle of teleportation (just the exit), and battled some wraiths. The end.