Week 7

A page from the journal of Lord Padraig, ruler of winterhaven:

The heroes returned today and informed me that the cult had been dealt with, and I also received word that priests from Cormyr are on their way to seal the rift to the Shadowfell permanently. It is a great burden lifted from my shoulders to hear this wonderful news. We had a celebration in honor of our guests, but I fear their rest will be short-lived. Valthrun informed us all that an unnatural winter has descended upon the kingdom of Fallcrest. Because of our recent plight, I have not the soldiers to send to their aid. I have asked the band of adventurers, along with a cleric of Torm, to go there and find the source.
Gods be with them on their journey.

From the Journal of Tucker Turnfin, Halfling of the Turnfin family:

We arrived in Fallcrest a few days ago by way of the river to trade, as is our customary route, only to be trapped here, frozen solid in an unnatural winter. Not only that, our camp was attacked by a ship, sailing through the air. A slew of undead, zombies and skeletons alike, swarmed off the boat to attack. Many Turnfins died I fear. My dear wife and child are among the dead. I grieve for them, but hold out hope for the adventurers who bravely boarded the sky ship and set sail to aid in the town’s plight, and also that I may receive vengeance for my fallen loved ones.

Redsky’s Journal entry:

After procuring the scepter and saving that poor fellow, Marko Lancet, from being mobbed by an angry village, we set sail on the sky ship, rowing as hard as we could. We were met with many challenges then, for the ship passed through unnatural storms and even threw me overboard. I barely clung to the rail for my life before one of my new companions came to my aid. After the ship landed in a far off place, we entered a cave with giant frozen doors. They lead to a very inviting room, where a man who claimed to be the Winter king duped my friends into giving him the scepter, and to sleep in cursed beds. He attacked us the next day. We defeated him, but not without great cost. There was also a gnome woman there, who claimed to be a friend, yet turned out to be another foe in disguise. This cavern holds many more perils I fear.

Jewbie’s Log:

Bahumut damned tentacle monster bit me. I think I’m going to get an infection from this. Vlade needed some help, so I teleported to swap places with him, but that was a big mistake. Apparently, she was being grabbed by some stinkin’ trash compactor tentacle monster. Then the thing bit me. I think I need a doctor, it’s already turning green. If it starts leaking puss, I am so going to freak out. We haven’t even found any treasure in this place. We were promised “Treasures untold” in the kingdom of winter. You know what I see? Dirty trash compactor tentacle monsters. No gold, no magical items, so far just mundane crap not even worth my time to loot off the dead bodies of my enemies.