Week 5

Quote from Sugen, when he met others:


Having acquired the longsword Aecris from Sir Keegan’s ghost, the band of adventurers set out yet again to delve deeper into the Shadowfell keep. They leveled up so they didn’t need to rest. They backtracked through the room with the runes on the floor, and were peering around the corner when TomTom noticed something odd about the wall behind him. On further inspection, he saw that it was a secret door. He tried to open it, but the door was locked. Jewbie cleverly found a switch above the door, and hoisted their little goblin friend Splug up to flip it. It unlocked the door, which they easily opened and walked into a tiny empty storage closet.
Upon entering the now crowded closet, the team could hear faint moans coming from behind one of the walls. TomTom also noticed that the back wall shimmered ever so slightly. Jewbie touched it, and his hand went right through. He immediately had an idea! The dragonborn again picked up splug and thrust him through the illusionary wall. The goblin screamed and yelled for him to pull him back into the room, where he informed the others that he saw zombies on the other side of the wall.
Our heroes burst through the imaginary wall and killed all the undead again, making sure they were truly dead this time. They were about to leave the small unremarkable room when a booming voice called out to them. It was a riddle.
A wondrous treasure,
Valued by all, sought by many.
Found in both victory and defeat,
Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest.
It marches before you like a herald,
And lives long after you are gone.
Of what do I speak?
After 2 incorrect guesses, the group finally guessed the correct response. “Honor.” The armor on a stand gleams with light, and transforms from junk into a +1 blackiron scale armor. Nobody could wear it, so Vlade took it and later sold it and split the gold with the group. After that, the adventurers found some stairs leading down, and walked deeper, to the second level of the dungeon.
Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, the group was stopped by a pair of hobgoblins. They cried out a pass phrase “Shadow seeks shadow”. Not knowing with the counter phrase was, the heroes made something up, and were immediately attacked by the hobgoblins after they yelled that there were intruders to the rest of the guard party. 2 more hobgoblins in back started to go for a cage which held a giant spider and fool around unlocking the cage. Thinking that this was no threat to them, the group teamed up on the two closest hobgoblins, which were soon backed up by more of the creatures coming out of adjoining side hallways. The team of adventurers took out a couple of the hobgoblins before the 2 in the back released a spider the size of a large dog!
The battle raged on, with the spider attempting to jump on top of anybody who managed to step out of the main fight for a moment, but with little success. When there were only 2 hobgoblins left alive, Kim Possible was surprised when the spider jumped on top of her, pinning her to the ground. It bit at her furiously. But then, the Swordmage, who is adept at teleportation magic, used his powers to switch Kim places with Vlade! The Paladin was utterly shocked when he went from fighting a hobgoblin one second, to being pinned underneath a poisonous spider the next. In the confusion, the spider was able to bite the paladin, but his hardy resistance to poison saved him. With Vlade still pinned underneath the deathjump spider, the others were able to finish off the remaining hobgoblins and run to assist him in finishing off the beast.
The battle was won, and the party took their share of the riches, which was a few gold coins, and apparently the venom from the spider. TomTom used his dexterous hands to carefully cut out the sacs, whilst Jewbie chugged the whiskey from his flask. With both of them working together, they filled the flask with enough venom for 2 uses. The adventurers took a short rest, and that was all it took for Jewbie to start to feel the effects of the strong drink.
They all opted to go down a pitch black hallway. Kim possible lit the tip of her wand in a magical glow, while Jewbie grabbed a torch from the wall before heading into the black. The group continued south into a large room, which was dominated by a few imposing statues, the biggest of which was a giant stone statue wielding a sword, smack dab in the middle of the room. In the eastern corners were a couple of young dragons, and opposite where the group entered, was a doorway, with 4 cherub statues around it.
As soon as Jewbie stepped within 15 feet of the giant statue of an armored warrior, it creaked to life and swung his sword in a 360 degree arc, hitting the surprised dragonborn and knocking him off his feet. TomTom, who never learns from another’s mistakes, immediately followed suit and was also struck by the statue and knocked down. The statue then returned to its original position and remained still. Vlade, in an effort to go around, moved within 25 feet of one of the dragon statues and was immediately consumed by a burst of magical energy that spewed forth from the statues mouth. Jewbie and TomTom rose and quickly retreated to a safe distance from the giant sword wielding statue in the middle of the room.
The team of adventurers were quick to learn how to continually set off the various traps in the room numerous times, engulfing everyone possible in the various magical blasts and sweeping sword strikes. Finally, Jewbie and Vlade made it to the other side of the room, leaving TomTom to disable the other traps. Vlade walked through the first set of cherub statues and was sealed inside the perimeter of the 4 statues by a magical impenetrable barrier. The statues began dumping water to fill the small chamber in which he was no trapped.
Jewbie and Vlade began to work on knocking the statues over with the help of Kim Possible, and were successfully able to topple 1 of them. The water stopped flowing when it was up to the dragonbor’s chest, and they thought Vlade safe, until the Paladin noticed the water start to spin and churn. The violent whirlpool knocked Vlade around a bit until the 2 dragonborn were able to knock another of the cherub statues over, and with 2 statues down, the magical barrier was released, releasing the flood directly into the unsuspecting Kim, which knocked her into range of the sword wielding statue.
Finally, TomTom was able to disable the last of the traps, and the group moved into the next room. They were attacked by a slew of zombies and a ghoul. The ghoul did some nasty damage before they killed it. However, no one noticed the sneaky stone golem exit the room and go into the next chamber in order to alert his master of the intruders.
The group met up with the Goliath Giant sugen, and went back to the town where they found another slew of undead had been raised from their graves. The group quickly dispatched the foul creatures, but learned Ninarin, the elf ranger, was a traitor. They stripped her naked and questioned her, before their new goliath friend killed her in a fit of rage. Most of the party warned him not to act so rashly again. There are consequences to every action.