Week 4

Kim Possible’s Journal:

Dear Diary,
That little goblin Splug is really starting to creep me out. I mean, sure, we did the right thing by letting him out, he would have died in there. And sure, he is helping us out. BUT the little creep just keeps on staring at me. Last night, I woke up, and he was still awake, just looking at me, kind of drooling a little. EW! I mean, I know I’m hot, but goblins? YUCK! Oh, and Sir Keegan? O M G! If he wasn’t dead and a ghost, I’d totally try and hook up with him. I swear, when he was charging us to stop the evil cult people and seal the rift to the Shadowfell, he was looking right at me! I felt like we were the only two people in the world, but then I remembered, he’s dead, not gonna happen.

After another uneventful night sleeping in the caves of the shadowfell keep, our band of heroes remembered about some goblin voices they heard to the north of the initial entrance. They crept to the northern door in the hallway, but unfortunately made too much noise. Goblin voices of arguing abruptly stopped as they approached, and when Vlade fearlessly burst through the door, the goblinoids were ready for him. A hobgoblin torturer assumed a wide grin before picking up a flaming hot fire poker from the embers in the fire pit to his left, and baelgrim the fat (the leader of the goblin band) had his viscious crossbow ready.
A battle ensued, and baelgrim was eventually defeated, falling into the fire and burned to a fat, stinky crisp. Meanwhile, one of the goblins had surrendered, but had locked himself in a cage. TomTom, however, made short work of picking the lock and they had the goblin prisoner in no time. It didn’t do them much good however, because that particular goblin didn’t speak a word of common, and none of our heroes spoke the guttural language of the goblins. They tied up the little green devil anyway, and were going to be on their way when they found another goblin in one of the cells.
Splug introduced himself, and didn’t appear to like the other goblin very much. Splug immediately pledged his allegiance to the 4 heroes before he suggested they lock the last goblin up in the cell which he was now free of before leaving. The party had other ideas though, and merely slit the creatures throat. Splug held no objections to that course of action.
Splug guided our companions through the keep until they reached an area with strange runes on the ground. Everyone was cautious, but the party made splug touch the runes. Immediately there was a high pitched shriek, and everyone except Kim Possible, who, being a wizard, is naturally adept at defending against such spells, Ran in the opposite direction. More than 1 of the party actually ran into a rather large room filled with zombies, who immediately had them surrounded.
After a fight, the group had slain all the zombies, apparently killing them deader than they were previously dead. They marched south into a hallway filled with sarcofogi, which skeletons immediately jumped out of and attacked the heroes and their companion splug. They had given the little guy a dagger by this point. Splug immediately hid behind one of the caskets, occasionally risking his dagger a sidelong jab around it without looking. The skeletons stalked in and pounced, but they were no match for this group of warriors.
As soon as the group defeated this room full of skeletons, they walked into the adjoining room, which appeared as an alter of bahamut, the God of the dragonborn. The group had little time to rest, for the sarcofagie sprung open again, and out hopped more skeletons. The party, fearing for their lives, fled into the next chamber slamming the door behind them. The sound of marching bones ceased, but they were trapped in a small room.
This small room held little ornation, aside from a rather large sarcophagus at the end of the room, on a slightly raised platform. Our heroes, ever the curious bunch, slid the lid off of the casket. A spirit burst forth, and bid them to speak their business or die. After the ghost questioned the heroes and weighed their moral fiber, he told them his tale. This ghost was none other than Sir Keegan, the previous commander of the keep, whose duty it was to secure the rift to the shadowfel and keep it sealed. The power of that rift, though, drove him mad, and after killing a great deal of his own men, including his wife and children, he was slain. Sir Keegan knew of the potential threat to the keep, but he could do nothing. He gave the heroes the quest which he failed, to secure the rift to the shadowfel and exterminate the current threat. He gave them his magical longsword, Aecris, as aid. Vlade took the sword.
It is now all up to our 4 heroes to save the entire realm from the evil God Orcus’s wrath.