Week 3

Dragon’s Log; Stardate 4; Jewbie here:

Dirty, little, stinking, Bahamut damned goblins! You win a few too many coins from them in a “friendly” poker match, and what do they do? They tie you up, and stick you in a storage closet. They were probably gonna eat me later. Nevermind the fact that me and Splug were cheating them, they didn’t know. They just locked me up because I was winning. Luckily though some do-gooders broke in at just the right time. I was able to escape. I think I’ll go with them for a while. They say they are trying to disrupt some sort of cult ritual down here. I don’t know anything about that, but ever since I joined up with them, the gold has been flowing.

At the sound of Vlade kicking in the door, Kim Possible and TomTom were alerted that something was going on and rushed to help. At the same moment, a goblin poked it’s head around the corner through the doorway and as soon as he saw what the commotion was about he sounded the alarm. Bells rang and Vlade retreated backwards toward his friends. The goblins pushed down the hallway and through the door into a bigger hall, where our heroes awaited the assault.
Meanwhile, a captive prisoner was being held, tied up in a small store room with 4 goblins watching him. When the bell rang to signal intruders, they all ran out to help, leaving one armed goblin to watch the prisoner. He was, after all, tied up. How could he escape? As soon as the other goblins were out of the room, the Dragonborn known only as The Jewbie started to curse at the goblin, making fun of the ugly little thing’s even uglier mother. The goblin cursed back in a tongue Jewbie couldn’t understand and advanced on the helpless swordmage with his weapon drawn.
Back with our other three heroes, the fight was raging on. Vlade and TomTom were in the thick of it, trading blow for blow with the foul creatures as Kim stood at a distance and fired her patented Possiles (Her abbreviation of the patented Kim Possible’s Magic Missiles). Goblins stepped up, and her force missiles knocked em down, blasting holes through each, one by one. By this time, a Fat goblin in the back room had the necessary time to grab his crossbow and get to the hallway. He directed another small group of goblins to check on the prisoners as he fired bolts from his weapon down the hallway at his only visible adversary, Vlade.
Still cursing at the lone goblin guard, Jewbie was able to loosen the knots in rope bonds and the wriggle free without the guard noticing. He hocked one final phlegm filled loogie at the goblin, who had finally had enough. He took a swing at the seemingly helpless dragonborn tied up in the corner, but because he had become free of his bonds, Jewbie was able to dodge out of the way and grab the goblin by his swordhand. The two wrestled for a brief moment as the dragonborn stood and kneed the little creature in the nutsack so hard that it passed out. The mage instantly grabbed his sword, which was in another corner and felt whole again with his blade. He immediately stabbed the unconscious goblin in the throat, killing it right before he heard 2 goblins enter through the door and start arguing behind the curtain that covered the small hallway before entering the storeage room. Jewbie propped the guard up, supposedly to make him look as though he was still alive, and hid off to one side of the curtain. A moment later 2 goblins burst through. One was confused where the prisoner had gone, but the other saw him standing right next to him and took a swing. The swordmage was easily able to parry the blow and return another shocking hit of his own. He stabbed an electrified sword through one goblin and it arced to the other, instantly killing them both.
Meanwhile, outside the room our heroes had dispatched all the other goblin’s except for Belgrim the fat, who ran away back through his bed chamber, locking the door behind him and then slipping through the secret passageway to make his escape. As the warforged TomTom started collecting more ears to put on his necklace, Vlade started to go after the fat goblin, but ran into a fellow dragonborn. The two practically immediately trusted each other… Probably some sort of Dragonborn religious thing. The cautiously crept around the corners, looking for Belgrim the Fat, but he was nowhere to be seen. The group of heroes met up inside the goblin’s bed chamber, thinking that they would find him in there, but all they found was an empty bed and the Goblin’s chest full of treasure, which Vlade immediately kicked open. They found a bunch of gold, and split it evenly, and Kim Possible received a +1 wand.
The four searched endlessly for the Fat goblin, before stumbling across a secret passageway that lead out of the chamber. They walked down the stairs in the hallway and silently slid open the other secret door and peered out to an intersecting hallway. They heard goblins arguing in one direction, and in the other direction they could tell that it led back up to the entrance room they came into the keep in. So they stealthily moved down the hall towards the arguing goblins. In the lead, Vlade stopped abruptly and Kim possible ran into him, making a small amount of noise. The voices stopped as the goblins listened. Vlade poked his head into the room and saw a lone goblin across a few wide chasms with planks running across them.
Before even trying to hide their approach, or firing bolts from a distance, Vlade, the dragonborn Paladin, ran out into the open and peered into the chasm, which turned out to be a dig site. The goblins had been looking for treasure, and had dug out quite a big area. Now that he could see everything, everything could see him. 2 Drakes (small dragonlike humanoids) ran out of hiding around from some corners as the other 2 goblin sharpshooters started firing crossbow bolts at Vlade and Kim possible. Jewbie tried to run across one of the planks, but was unable to keep his balance and fell into the pit. Kim Possible remained on the initial platform and fired possiles across at the sharpshooters. Vlade and Jewbie both charged at the closest drake and engaged it in melee combat. TomTom made a once in a lifetime jumping flip over Vlade to get behind the drake and strike at him.
Our heroes quickly killed off the drakes, but then had to deal with the goblins still shooting arrows at them from on top of the raised platforms. They climbed up the walls and got behind one of the goblins to cut him off from retreat, but the other ran farther away. After a short melee, the sharpshooter was dead, and fell off the side into the pit. The other goblin sharpshooter, being the coward that he is, threw down his crossbow and surrendered, but not before taking one final shot at Kim possible, knocking her unconscious and slipping toward death. All the heroes charged the remaining goblin, leaving their fallen comrade behind. After failing to cross any of the planks, our heroes ended up dangling on the edge of the pit. The goblin laughed and kicked out the plank that lead from where Vlade, TomTom, and the Jew all were. He picked up his crossbow and reloaded it, right as Jewbie took a running long leap across the chasm onto the sharpshooters platform. He shrieked with fear and dropped his crossbow so he could hold his hands up in surrender. The dragonborn immediately cut one of them off. Meanwhile, Kim possible slipped closer and closer to death.
Ignoring Kim’s plight, the party of three began interrogating the screaming goblin, who was also on the brink of death. Jewbie used his magical flaming sword to cauterize the Goblin’s stump before Vlade tied him up. And after figuring out the goblin had no treasure to speak of, one of the three finally went back to stop Kim from bleeding to death. They took a short break as the interrogated the goblin more and healed their wounds. The little goblin was able to show them the secret passageway they already knew about leading up to Belgrim’s bed chamber, but was pretty much unhelpful. The heroes continued down another level to get to a dark cave area.
Once in the dark, the group split up. Vlade and TomTom each lit one of the sun rods they carried so they could have light and they went separate ways. All of a sudden, a giant rat jumped out of nowhere and bit the goblin prisoner’s throat, killing it almost instantly. Vlade was able to slash the rat before he saw 3 more of the rat’s friends scamper off into the darkness. The group hurried to Vlade’s side, and as soon as one of the heroes was alone, a different group of rats attacked the split party. Jewbie ran back and used his flame breath to kill all but 1 of the rats, who scampered off into the dark. Vlade again ventured towards a big double door away from the rest of the group and was immediately surrounded and attacked by a group of 5 giant rats. Thankfully, because of his sturdy plate armor, only 1 of the rats was able to find a weak spot and manage a bite. The group caught up to him and made short work, killing all but 1 of the giant rats, who was never heard from again.
As three of the members walked away from the doors, exploring the remaining part of the cavern, Kim possible stayed, perplexed by what could lay beyond. She opened the doors and took a step into the cavern. A calm pool was at the bottom of some stairs that had a small island in the middle. There were bones and a few scattered coins on the island. As her attention was diverted, a giant blue slime surfaced and slowly squirmed towards her. She freaked out, and slammed the door closed from the outside, and then saw the warning clearly etched into the bronze. “Stay out. Really.” Kim ran to join the others.
The rest of the group had already engaged in melee combat with a smaller green slime, which was attacking them head on. After a few mighty blows, the glob of goo split in half and started attacking two of the heroes at once. The group killed them both.
Exhausted after a long day of fighting, the heroes set up camp to rest their weary bodies. They set up a string with some armor tied to it to use as an alarm. They slept through the night, as peacefully as they could in that evil place.
Morning came and the group left TomTom the warforged to do all the bitch work of making breakfast and cleaning up the tents. Soon the group set off to the south to explore the cave even deeper. What they found was quite disturbing: a ten foot deep pit with a dead 6 legged snake creature at the bottom. Jewbie went down for a closer look and found that protruding from its front legs were giant scythe-like claws. Underneath that he found a dead goblin with 2 health potions, which he slipped into his belt pouch unnoticed by the rest of the group, and a few gold that he split between all of them. Vlade led the way deeper into the cave, and stepped on a portion of the floor which crumbled and gave way to another pit. He fell 10 feet and got slightly injured in the process. After that, the party crept through the cave more cautiously.
Unbeknownst to them, as they rounded the south western edge of the cave, more small snake-like creatures moved through the tiny cracks in the north and blocked their exit. Vlade spotted another trap just around the corner and was able to alert the others of its location. Then, he stepped out to avoid it and at that moment was charged by one of the creatures, only this one was the size of a human, and it was flanked by 2 slightly smaller creatures. The big one spit acid spikes at the party, but was unable to hit them before the smaller monsters came in closer for the kill. Our heroes were able to get a couple of attacks in before all the creatures pulled a hit and run, retreating farther into the cave. Vlade was unlucky enough to find out why. The monsters knew where the other traps were and lured the Paladin into one more pit. Vlade fell again, taking more damage before climbing out.
Our heroes moved in to attack, but by then the smallest of the snake creatures came out of hiding and surrounded the party. Kim possible was able to take out a great deal of them with a fire blast from her burning hands. The four heroes were finally victorious against the intelligent monsters. They found a pile of loot with a chest that contained four amethyst gems worth 50 gold each. They each happily took one of the gems. The party started to leave the cave, but Kim possible reminded them of one more threat that needed to be dealt with: The monster behind the sealed double bronze doors.
Upon entering the cave with the stagnant pool in it, no one noticed anything aside from a bit of rippling on the surface of the water. Kim possible knew what laid beneath though, and hung back. The rest approached the pool, not heeding the warning that Kim gave them to be careful. Vlade threw a rock into the water, and then, a giant bubble appeared on the surface and erupted Acid onto everyone within range. The bursting bubble was able to hit Kim possible and Vlade, with TomTom and Jewbie narrowly dodging the spray. The two that were hit were dazed and weakened. Then, the dank water suddenly disgorges a blob of blue slime. The amorphous mass poured forward, extruding long pseudopods that end in appendages of dripping goo.
Kim possible was able to shake off her weakened state very quickly and began to fire missile after missile at the blob. Vlade, however, was not so lucky. He stumbled up to the creature and half-heartedly swung his weapon, dealing little damage whenever he managed to hit. After a few swings, he was finally able to shake his weakness, and began using clever hit and run tactics to disorient the slime. TomTom swam out behind the thing so that he could flank the creature. With every attack, the slime was able to burn at least one of the members with an acid slam, coating them in burning ichor. Occasionally giant bubbles would appear on the surface of the creature and erupt onto everyone standing near. Kim possible was the only one smart enough to constantly stay out of striking distance. The battle was hard fought, but eventually the group was able to beat through its gooey skin to kill the beast, but the devil had one more trick. As It died, it blew up onto everyone, coating the party in one last pool of acid before it was unable to maintain a solid shape.
Two members of the group were able to swim out to the small island, which was covered in bones from the creature’s victims. The island also had a potion of healing, which TomTom took, some gold which they split evenly, and a shield of Protection that was perfect for the Paladin Vlade. There was also a message cylinder with three sheets of vellum. One sheet contained a map that showed the location of Shadowfell Keep. The other two had messages. The first read:
“Remember, Don’t wet the nodule – unless Kalarel is not receptive to the offer. Then, wet it only from a distance, and then, turn and run. Water will bring the creature out of its dormancy, and it will consume anything it can reach.”
The second was a letter written in the same hand writing as the previous message.
“Greetings, Kalarel. I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.
Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers”
The group of adventurers, having fought 2 major battles in one day, decided to rest and make camp until morning at the same site they did before. Their sleep was peaceful, but it held no peace for the following days to come.