Week 21

You fought some goblins, rescued a puppy, and VERY (It’s hard to emphasize really just how close someone came to irreversible lava death) nearly died screwing around with a pit of lava. Was giving the puppy back to his owner the right thing to do? Though your characters may never know, let’s find out.

In a cave down in the valley in the High Forest, a deadly goblin looms in his throne-room (a cave with a carved rock to sit on, rather than nothing to sit on). A smaller weaker goblin approaches and speaks to him in their guttural language. “Hey boss, the mountain clan failed. They were unable to complete the ritual to bring forth the beast. Either their shamans were too weak, or that group of adventurers stopped them before they finished it. Either way, we’re in the clear.”

The goblin boss seemed upset by this news. “A group of adventurers you say? This could provide more of a threat than them completing the ritual you idiot!”

The smaller goblin cringed at his boss’s anger before replying, “N-n-n-no b-b-boss. After they saved the pup, they high tailed it out of the forest. Long gone.”

At that, the boss smiled a wicked smile. “Then let us carry out our plans. In a tenday’s time, we shall rule over the entire forest!” He shouted, before muttering under his breath “That is, unless that dirty hunter doesn’t interfere.”

Now, let’s look in on our rescued puppy after everyone left the village.

A plump woman named Addell cooks a hearty stew over the warm fire of her little wooden cottage in the heart of Middle Peak Village. She hears her husband yelling outside before her little puppy runs in with his tail between his legs. “Herbert!” She screamed in a high pitch voice at her husband. “Herbert! Get in here! I swear to Torm that if you’re mean to my sweet little Barkley just ONE more time, I’ll bash your skull in with this cooking pot! Do you hear me! Now get in here!”

Outside, Herbert hangs his head and breaths a resigned sigh. “Yes dear. I’m coming.” He slowly walks towards the door before another barrage of sharp tongue lashings comes his way.

“You may be the leader of this village, but in this house, you’re in charge of jack shit! Get in here and eat before the stew gets cold, then you have to finish up all your duties!”

Herbert paused and let out another, longer, even more resigned sigh. “Yes dear.” He slowly walked inside.

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. But how will it end for all of you? Find out next time.

Week 21

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