Week 2

Brief Section of TomTom’s Memory Banks:



We started our day with a merry trip through the forest to get to the kobold’s lair in a cave behind the waterfall. Upon arriving in the clearing, the adventurers were very perceptive and not only heard some chatter in goblin, but could see a few goblins through the trees. The wizard Kim possible attempted to stealthily walk to the edge of the clearing and climb a tree so that she could shoot down at the kobolds in the river. Her not so stealthy movement led the goblins to arm themselves and prepare for attack, even before they saw it coming. At that point, the rest of the group burst through the trees and ganged up on the kobold dragonshield which they thought was the leader of the gang. He was not.
After the dragonshield was melted by another of Kim Possible’s amazing acid arrows, the slightly retarded kobold screamed “They killed doug, Get ‘em!” One by one, TomTom lopped off kobold minion heads, and after a short battle the last kobold made a break for it, trying to run into the cave behind the waterfall. He never made it.
After a short while, the kobolds from the inside of the Cave yelled out “Hey, did you guys kill them intruders yet?” To which TomTom replied “YES!” The imbecilic kobolds were fooled by his bluff, yet the party did nothing to take advantage of that as Vlade charged head first through the waterfall into danger. Though not prepared for the attack, the kobolds still weren’t taken by surprise by the head strong Dragonborn.
A long fight ensued, and the party killed many kobolds, but the last screamed for help as he retreated farther into the depths of the cave, “Irontooth! Help us!” The kobold was struck down before he could get any farther. At that moment, a horn blared from the back of the darkness, as the Goblin Irontooth prepared for battle. He called out “Kobolds! Protect me!” and two dragonshield kobolds ran to stand between the adventurers and their leader. Vlade immediately charged through the kobolds and ran straight for Irontooth, dealing a mighty critical blow the likes of which he could probably only do once per day. The fight lasted a long time, and the team expended all their abilities taking out the fearsome leader of the kobolds. Vlade was even knocked out, and was close to death.
On the goblin leader, they found a pouch with a note signed by Kalarel, which told Irontooth to kill any adventurers who may happen by. It also told of the fact that the town of winterhaven would soon be destroyed by his wrath, and of a spy in winterhaven. His pouch also held a silver key. The group then found the goblin’s treasure chest. Vlade was about to smash it, before TomTom intelligently suggested they try the key first. It fit, and they opened the chest into 420 gold and a +1 Dwarven Plate armor, which Vlade took for his own. It was a big upgrade from his other armor. As vlade put his new armor on, TomTom spent his time collecting the goblin and kobold ears to make himself a trophy necklace. He gets +1 to intimidate checks while wearing it.
The group went back to the town, straight to Lord Padraig’s manor house and, after being served tea and oil, informed him of the cult to Orcus with it’s leader Kalarel. Padraig told them not to let anyone in the village know, because it could insight panic into the villigers. Before they left his house, the lord informed them to go to the tower in the middle of town and speak with Valthrun the prescient. The warlock knew more about the shadowfel and the keep than anyone else. That was the adventurer’s next stop.
In the Tower, Valthrune told the tale of Sir Keegan, and how his army sealed the rift to the evil plane of the shadowfel before he was driven mad and slaughtered everyone at the keep, including his own wife and daughter. His men were finally able to kill him, but abandoned the keep soon after. His ghost is still rumored to be wandering the halls of the long dead keep. Valthrune charged the adventurers with going to the keep, and stopping whatever threat was there.
The party stayed at the inn for the night before selling their wares at the local shop and setting off to the keep. TomTom also bought a fancy tuxedo which he promptly put on. He would be the most stylish dungeon crawler this world had ever seen. When they arrived at the keep, TomTom foolishly fell into a trap laid by the goblins guarding the entrance. Down the pit was a swarm of rats, which chittered and knawed at the warforged as soon as he hit the ground. Kim possible threw a rope down to the rogue, where he was able to climb to safety. Meanwhile, the other goblins lead vlade all around the pit, trying to position him on the edge. After a critical miss, vlade was thrown off balance and staggered a step backwards, right on the edge of the pit, and the goblin guard took this opportunity to step back and bulrush the dragonborn off the cliff, where he fell and took massive damage.
Kim loosely tied her rope around one of the pillars and started shooting at the goblin who just knocked Vlade for a long drop and a sudden stop. TomTom worked his way around to slice the gloating goblin’s throat and kick him into the pit. The rats were still down in the pit gnawing at vlade, who, after pulling down Kim’s rope (because the knot was shabbily tied… and Vlade rolled VERY poorly) was tying her rope to her grappling hook and unsuccessfully continued to try to hook the pillar. After a few tries, the dragonborn finally managed to hook something sturdy. As the dragonborn climed out of the pit, he reached for Kim’s hand to grab and aid him, but she was distracted at the last second by the thought that her hair might be messy and she had to fix it. So the dragonborn fell to the bottom of the pit where he took more fall damage, and the rats continued to gnaw at him.
Meanwhile, after a couple of very unsuccessful attempts to to push TomTom into the pit, the warforged was finally annoyed with the little goblin’s shinannigans and picked the monster up, dragged him to the edge of the pit and tossed him in. Afterward, the goblin stood up and attacked vlade, who was having a hard time climbing up the rope. Kim was firing down at the goblin, and TomTom decided it was best to throw his dagger into the head of the goblin. It was. The goblin was dead. Vlade grabbed the dagger out of the goblin’s head after TomTom asked him to get it for him before he finally succeeded in climbing out of the pit. The swarm of rats were too content eating the carcass of both the dead goblins to give chase.
The party saw some gold down on the dead goblins carcass, but decided it was best to just leave it. At this point, as Kim and TomTom took the easterly corridor, Vlade ran around the western corner of a hall into a larger room with 3 doors. The dragonborn tried to be stealthy and open the door very quietly, but in his excitement he mistook stealth for strength, and VERY loudly kicked the door down. Hearing the shattering wood, TomTom and Kim immediately thought their friend who abandoned them could be in trouble. Vlade just wanted to check out the next room.
Will the two heroes who stuck together make it in time to save their foolish and/or brave friend who ventured off on his own? Or will Vlade perish? Or will he walk into the next room, finding nothing to fight but his own shadow? Or will it be a treasure room which he can greedily plunder before his friends find him? Tune in next time to find out.