Week 17

Kierantal’s Journal Week 17
Jewbie’s Journal Week 17

Our group of adventurer’s finally caught up with the dastardly Morik. He offered them a chance to aid himself and the lich, to become servants of the demon in exchange for ultimate power. The heroes did not accept, and a viscous fight ensued. Morik himself raised undead in order to kill the group, specifically 8.2… Morik hated that guy. In the end, he was killed by the party. Then, that sick fucking robot, 8.2, skinned his body, burned it, and carefully placed all of Morik’s bones in his bag. The rest of the group stood by watching in horror.

The Shadar Kai sneaked downstairs. Were she just 5 minutes earlier, she could have witnessed the culmination of the ceremony that resurrected the Demon to our Plane of existence and killed Molley. Ironbeard, who was shackled to the walls, was not so lucky as to have missed watching Molley die. Kierental heard the lich and demon speaking about an invasion in the east, but was too far away to hear much more. The group rested the night, and planned their attack in the morning.

The heroes burst into the room to find the demon still sitting in his burning throne, accompanied by the lich. The demon began laughing to himself, taking note of redsky, the child of light. The demon thought it was particularly ironic that it was the child that brought him the artifact he needed to complete his invasion, an invasion that Redsky’s own parents stopped all those years ago. The demon tore a hole in the universe, walked through, and the tear closed. It was the lich’s turn to prove his worth to him and kill the heroes.

The lich shielded himself and raised skeleton after zombie after ghoul in order to kill the heroes. It almost worked. The group bashed through his shield after taking a lot of damage, and vlade herself was knocked unconscious. Vlade was woken by the healing powers of Redsky before the Lich Brought up 5 more skeletons, and he was completely out of his shield. The party would have been killed, having expelled a lot of the daily and encounter powers getting the lich out of his shield, except that Ironbeard had been praying to Moradin for Aid, and it was given in a surge that revitalized the heroes, giving them the power they needed to defeat the lich.

It was still a hard battle, and in the end, the party was nearly all dead. Nearly. Ironbeard awoke, and informed them all that the lich was not entirely defeated. They now had 10 days to find the lich’s horcrux and destroy it, or the foul undead creature would resurrect itself.

Week 17

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