Week 16

Jewbie’s Journal Week 16

We began today with a nice little stroll through a monster infested dungeon. There is still no sign of the Ironbeard, or Mollie, or the Lich for that matter. Even Morik has been quiet for the most part. The group killed a small band of bugbears with an Orc as their leader before rescuing an old man, who gambled with them. The card game was rather simple because, well, it was a game invented by Orcs. However, the old man took the cards and he will probably be able to invent a few more interesting games.

After that, they had a fight with some displacer beasts. This was a very tough fight, which resulted in more than a few wounds, and would have been much tougher if Jewbie wasn’t an expert on Displacer beasts. He actually wrote his thesis on them as his graduating paper coming out of the academy, and he had to study them in their natural habitat for months.

its true location difficult. Although they are native to
the Feywild, displacer beasts also reside in the tangled forests
and dark caverns of the natural world.”
-Displacer Beasts, A Study of. By Jewbie.

Finally, they came across a room filled with magic. A magical chalice had enslaved a few villagers who were trying, quite successfully, to destroy any who entered their room. Jewbie and Kierental found the chalice in a pit and worked their own magic to disarm the artifact and release the peasants from their madness. The peasants were grateful, and even more grateful when they were given a map back to Silverymoon and the means to defend themselves on the way home.

The villagers reached the town ahead of you and were granted an audience with the council to explain what had happened. The great lady Alustriel was informed of their rescue and is awaiting the return of the heroes to her glorious city.

Week 16

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