Week 15

Jewbie’s Journal Week 15

After an easy fight, the group found a huge hole leading down into the underdark. They lured a small band of death cultists into that room, and Jewbie charged one into the pit. He was lucky that he didn’t go in after the cultist. The group fell into a pit trap hidden underneath a layer of fog, which itself had deathly poison fog in it. Afterwards, they fought some skull lords with undead minions. They devised a clever plan, which was then completely torn apart by the undead on the platforms.

After a hard battle, they slept for the night before going into the dragons chamber and attempting to steal his treasure. The dragon woke and attacked when he figured out they were thieves. The following battle started off in the Antharosk the adult green dragon’s favor, only to have the tides turn when Redsky cast Iron to Glass, successfully passifying the creature. Before he died though, he vowed revenge and fled to the underdark in order to live and fight another day. Hoping to kill the band of adventurers.

They went down a trap door into another room and were greeted by some skeletons with skin kites behind a water feature full of deadly pirranna. A wizard also summoned a giant scorpion, who killed the wizard before going out of control and attacked the heroes. Vlade was knocked unconscious, only to be quickly revived by redsky.

Week 15

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