Week 14

Jewbie’s Journal Week 14

In the dead of night, our band of heroes were ambushed by chokers. The lanky swamp creatures tried to kill the group by suffocating the life out them. They were unsuccessful.

They reached the point where they thought the castle was, but found only ruins, with stairs leading down, surrounded by trolls. They were arguing about something, and couldn’t make out much, but they knew it to be about treasure. Jewbie turned invisible and was able to throw some of his loot at one of the trolls. The other trolls thought that one had dropped treasure and was holding out on them. Immediately a fight broke out and the three trolls killed the other. After that, it was an easy fight for the heroes to finish off the leftovers.

Inside, they finally caught up with the lich, who had mollie in his grasp! He instructed the traitor Morik that if these 5 reached his chamber alive then the rogue would surely die. Morik turned invisible, and has been stealthily plaguing the group ever since, dodging in and stealing a quick dagger stab at opportune moments.

After fighting with the tragic lovers Surrayana and Jaq, who were caught up in this mess against their will, the lich appeared. Ironbeard charged him, but the lich turned into a fog and dissapeared, taking the diving dwarf traveling through the planes with him to wherever he teleported to! After that, a pale Shadir Kai burst into the room, huffing and puffing. The sorceress had some vendetta toward the lich, but as long as their end goals were the same, the group would travel together to kill the undead king.

Week 14

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