Week 10

After being caught, Morik escaped. But after a very short pursuit down an alley, the adventurers caught the rogue again, this time making sure he could not escape. They were able to find an alcove in some of the buildings that was used to collect trash to question him in. Redsky was very pissed off at him, and beat the living hell out of him until the rogue agreed to answer all their questions honestly. Morik told them that a lich hired out the thieves’ guild, but he was not in the group that killed Douven and his family. The lich was searching for some artifact, and Douven not only had information about it, but was also interfering in his plans. He told them to start out looking for cobble castle, on the outskirts of the city. And with that, Morik limped off.

They hunted down their other lead, a dwarven blacksmith by the name of Ironbeard. When they got there, they convinced him to talk in private, and told him about Douven’s demise. Ironbeard was a good friend and adventuring companion of Douven, and told them he was going with them to track down his killer and bring justice to the lich.

They set out immediately for Cobble Castle, Ironbeard leading the way. Off the road a little bit, they found a campsite, and also found that it was inhabited by trolls. Apparently, the trolls had taken captive a small band of peasants, and were going to take them back to another troll in the swamp named Proffit. The group killed the monstrous beasts and burned their corpses, for the only thing that can stop a troll’s regeneration is fire. The very few peasants that were left told them that more trolls had taken the rest of the camp, her husband included, to the evermoors, a swamp with a troll named Proffit.

8.2 sent an animal messenger back to Waterdeep to offer a job to any adventurers who could rescue the peasants and kill the trolls. 500 gold pieces was the reward for completing this task, as our adventurers were still going to track Molly and the Lich. A short while later, they arrived at the castle, and a group of bugbears was guarding the entrance with dire wolves as their mounts. One bugbear strangled 8.2 to the point of unconsciousness before the fight was won.

Week 10

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