Week 1

Vlade’s Journal:

Day 1

TomTom, Kim and I set out to find Douven. His wife said he went to Winterhaven in search of some artifact. Douven has been mentoring us for many months now, and I feel we are indebted to him and his wife. We took the task without asking for a copper in return, though TomTom would have had us extort them for all their worth. He knows as well as I that we at least owe her this much. So we are on the road now, marching in a loose formation. The road ahead of us should be clear.

Our story focuses on three heroes. Tom Tom, the warforged rogue, Kim Possible, the half elf wizard, and Vlade, the dragonborn paladin began our adventure traveling to the town of Winterhaven to find information on their missing mentor Douven. Along the road they were attacked by a small band of kobolds that had set up shop to ambush caravans headed to town. Our party dispatched of the kobolds with ease. One was even impaled on Tom Tom’s dagger, then used as a projectile to launch at another.. Vlade found a rusted short sword on one of the creatures.
Once they arrived in town, our heroes went to the inn for information. They were greeted by the tavern owner Mrs. Wrafton, who became extremely friendly after Vlade paid an entire gold piece for beer and a meal. While there they spoke with the self proclaimed town historian eilian the old. They learned general information about the village, including the fact that Winterhaven was ruled by Lord Ernest Padraig, who just happened to walk in at that moment. They asked about Douven and Eilian was able to draw them a map to the dragon burial ground, which is where Eilian thought Douven was last headed.
After they received that information, the party sent their lovely Kim Possible to try and flirt some information out of lord Padraig, but little did they know Kim was clumsy at best with that kind of info gathering technique. However, Lord Padraig did offer them a bounty of 100 gold pieces to take care of the kobold problem that plagued the town.
After that, the three visited the shop, where they bartered for gear, and Vlade failed miserably at bartering a higher price for the pathetic rusty short sword. Bairwin Wildarson(the shopkeep) would have to send the hunk of metal to the smithy, a dwarf named Thair Coalstricker, to be repaired before he would even think of putting it up for sale in his shop.
The adventurers finally set out to the dragon burial ground in order to find their old Mentor, using the map that Eilian had drawn for them. Before they arrived, however, having failed their perception check, they were ambushed by a group of kobolds who immediately charged the warforged who had taken the lead. Though Vlade’s blade was lopping off critter’s heads left and right, the little monsters still gave out their fair share of beatings (especially to Tom Tom) before our heroes were able to defeat them, the last being melted by Kim’s acid arrow. The three found an obsidian amulet in the visage of Orcus.
When the battle died out, our party found a small amount of gold on the monsters before inspecting a few nearby graves. Though nothing was of any concern, Vlade decided to take a closer inspection. As the other 2 stared at him in bewilderment, the Dragonborn finally pieced together that R.I.P. simply stood for Rest in Peace. He shrugged off his foolishness with a smart remark under his breath before suggesting they move on.
When the party arrived at the burial grounds, a group of men and others were already digging through the site. A gnome who introduced himself as Agrid invited them to come down to the dig and see what they had uncovered. The dense group couldn’t sense the man was lying, and even trusted him enough to walk into a pit and allowed themselves to be surrounded by the dig team. Agrid sounded the attack.
A vicious battle ensued, with Agrid and some Halfling firing arrows and throwing rocks down at the party from the Cliffside. After a brutal fight, the dig team managed to knock both Vlade and Tom Tom unconscious. Kim Possible, doing the impossible, both healed her fallen comrades and dispatched of the remaining halfing. Before her friends woke from their unconscious state, Kim found an amulet on Agrid which was a +1 amulet of health. She immediately put it on. The others awoke, and found more gold and an ancient mirror. It isn’t magical, but it is worth 550 gold.
Then, the three heard muffled cries from the corner of the dig site, where a tied up sac was wriggling around. After much talk about possible traps, and much consideration and inspecting the sack, the group finally opened up the screaming bag to find their mentor, Douven, bound and gagged inside. He Notices the necklace that Kim had put on, and told her what it was. He also took the picture of his wife out of the locket and told Kim she could keep it.
The group traveled back to winterhaven and spent the night at the inn. The next day, all the regulars were there, but there was something strange about them. Everyone seemed downtrodden and a little distressed. Some of the villagers were confused, but confused about what, they couldn’t say. After prodding the town grumpus, they finally got information of the possible cult hideout behind a waterfall to the south. Lord Padraig reminded them of the 100 gold bounty if they eliminated the kobold threat. Then, the three heroes walked out of the village (after selling some of their wares) and off to find the cult hideout behind the waterfall.