May 12, 2013

Our lost heroes each awoke to find themselves naked, alone, and trapped in a devious maze. Vlade fought off ethereal spiders and then filthy carrion rats with nothing more than his dragon breath and strength, after which he found a spiked giant insect leg and carapace to use as hasty weapons to defeat venomous snakes and a skeletal warrior.

Kierantal woke to find herself suspended above a pit. After lighting herself on fire to try and free her restraints, she remembered she could teleport out of the bindings and did so, still on fire. She then had to make a perilous climb out a narrow chute filled with unstable boulders, and used a sharpened femur as a makeshift implement to defeat a murderous cavedweller.

Redsky awoke trapped in a bubble deep underwater, and somehow miraculously transformed by the Deck into a woman. She tried to call out to Torm, but her god was deaf to her prayers. After some fecal misadventure and finding no way out of the sphere; in desperation she forsook Torm and felt from the divine alignment of the universe that Melora, the god of nature and the sea, would accept her as a disciple. Melora spoke through a luminescent fish that Redsky was to be tested, and granted her the power to heat the bubble, increase its volume, and rise to the surface. Redsky then had to find her way through a submerged maze filled with bats and bloodthirsty minnows, of which only one strong in the healing arts would have survived. Redsky then passed a final test of passage through flames to rejoin his companions.

The minotaur Rapine, having encountered Deckard Cain long ago in his minotaur maze, and subsequently trapped by the Deck, awoke to find himself inside an infernal machine. First he had to solve a keycode to escape from his cell, then a puzzle involving the resistance and flow of power. Finally he had to decipher a construct bound by the rules of logic to open his maze.

Our three heroes rejoiced at finding each other again, and warily accepted the minotaur into their group eith the shared enemy of Deckard Cain. Their last actions of the night were to destroy an iron golem, who’s warning “Nooooo….. Do not awaken the sleeper…” filled their minds with anticipation and dread of what will come.

May 12, 2013

Friends of Justice and the Eternal Struggle for Goodly Goodness! asyeoh