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Faerun is currently the continent you are on. It has about 500,000 square miles of known territory.

Elven City of Renown; Population 40,000
Silverymoon is the Gem of the North, a center of learning and a symbol of greatness. It is a beautiful place of ancient trees and soaring towers, with curving lines and garden plantings adorning every nook and balcony. Aerial steeds carry riders across the skies, magic and learning are revered, music and laughter echo in the streets, and the city is celebrated for its fascinating shops brimming with maps, books, art, and items of esoteric lore.

Introductions are always the first and best way to get to know people and places. And, of course, one’s introduction to Waterdeep colors how one sees the City of Splendors forevermore. For me, Waterdeep and her vistas will always be dominated by Mount Waterdeep and a fond memory of an alighting griffon silhouetted against the reddened skies of the setting sun.
—Open Lord Piergeiron Paladinson
Year of the Shield (1367 DR)

Nentir Vale
A small forest in the heart of Faerun, which includes the cities of Winterhaven, Fallcrest, Harkenwold, and the dwarven city of Hammerfast.

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