Death of a King

A Jewbie’s Tale

Day 1

Ah, it feels good to see my homeland again, even if I’m a wanted fugitive. However, the shining white marble of the capital seems darkened and tarnished. The people too look shabby; wearing worn clothing and nervous looks. As we approached from the forests along the western highway I could see long columns of tattered prisoners being driven by soldiers with whips. Indeed, more troops than I’ve ever seen patrol the walls and roads into the city, we will have to use stealth or subterfuge if we wish to step foot within the gates. I pray to Bahamut that the forged papers and illusionary form pass muster, and that they can make contact with Lady Redscale. Once we have information on what’s happening within the city walls we can start planning how to end this madness.

Day 2

Damn! In the years that I’ve been gone Palorax has extended and modified the dungeons beneath the palace to the point where I recognize little. Though never a pleasant place; now they are a nightmarish labyrinth full of hidden traps and foul creatures. We are taking a short rest in one of the prison blocks, having freed some captives and just slain a room full of disgusting venomous spiders…. ewww why did it have to be spiders? Nevertheless the traps have worked to our advantage in one aspect: so far we have encountered no guards who might raise an alarm and alert Palorax to our presence. I can’t wait to see the surprise on his face when he sees me; I will have to detach it from his body so I can show it to Lady Redscale, heh.

Day 3

Though I know it was necessary, it still pained me to see that Shadar Kai witch murder fellow Dragonborn as they lay sleeping. At least the ones we have killed previously died in glorious combat! Having your throat slit while you snore is no way for a warrior to die. But no sense in feeling guilt about it now; as if any of this miserable lot of jailors had a shred of honor left they would have deserted by this point and joined up with the resistance. Now there will be that many less of Palorax’s thugs around to fight our friends when the time comes. Now that we have cleared the jail and the barracks, we need only to infiltrate the palace and make our way to the apartments on the top level where the dictator no doubt hides. Then I will finally have my revenge, clean the taint of dishonor from my family name, and free my people from oppression and tyranny!

Day 4

We stand at the golden-wrought iron doorway of the throne room in the dragonborn palace. My enemy, the enemy of all free peoples, Norfalcon Palorax, waits within. We have fought steathily and mercilessly through his palace guard, and now need only to defeat the tyrant to restore justice to Dragonborn lands. I am excited and nervous to cross swords with Palorax and send him screaming to hell, however, there is a nagging feeling in the back of my mind about the scrying orb we found in the royal apartments. I sense powerful magic about it, tainted with the corruption of demonic energy, but I dare not examine it until we are somewhere safe. I will also likely need to consult an expert on such matters… hmmm, Valthrun still owes us a favor for setting him up with the fair Lady of Silverymoon…

Death of a King

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