Day 3

PIRATES!!! Dirty, stinking, filthy Pirates! I hate ‘em. They have no sense of ownership. If you get drunk enough to pass out in a pirate cove with the rest of your ship’s crew in what you thought was a secret layer and let someone sneak in and take a couple things that you probably didn’t want anyways because you left them out in the open behind a secret passageway inside of a locked chest that was just screaming to be opened, you probably didn’t deserve to own those things in the first place and you can’t consider them still your’s after their ownership changes.

They busted in on us while we were having a drink and trying to hire Crazy Ivan. He happens to be a scallywag of a ship captain. I say scallywag like dock people use it. In the good sense. Not in the bad way that those stuck up merchants living on the hill call the ship-workers. Anyways, the pirates busted in on us and demanded I give them their map back, which is absurd because it’s my map!

All the pirates ended up dying, most of which because that scallywag Ivan ripped their throats out with his teeth. Remind me never to get on his bad side. A couple of guards died in the fight also, but they were drunk and really should have minded their own business. One actually fell into the fire, though it is suspicious that the Shadar Kia witch lit everyone around him on fire. Another guard fell down the stairs and broke his neck. I tried to save him, but there was nothing I could do. I shook him a little bit, and I heard a popping sound. After that, I figure I should be rewarded for my heroic deeds of trying to save his life, so I helped myself to some rum.