Day 2

All this walking is making my feet hurt. After a run in with a riddle loving man-bear-pig (who also almost killed the priest Redsky, whom I saved with my quick wit. But do I get anything? Not so much as a thank you from any of them, even though it was me who kept them from being torn apart limb from limb from the beast. They’re all ungrateful. But I digress.), we continued traveling a long and dust road. We eventually got out of the cool shady forest and into the hot, sunny, dry dessert. Stupid dessert makes my feet hurt.

We were attacked by bandits, AND a giant skeletal dragon. Dracolvitches I think they’re called. Apparently I shacked up with a group of people who travel around leaving enemies in their trail like footprints. And then we were attacked by ANOTHER DRAGON!!! However, this turned out to be a majestic Gold Dragon. All he wanted was some beer. My kind of Dragon. Not like that stuck up Vlade. Always higher and Mightier than thou, that one is.

Anyway, we finally arrived at our destination, the port city of SOMETHING. We needed to hire a ship and captain, but the marina was blocked in because of some wreckage and the storm. This is going to be harder than I thought.