Day 1

What in Tymora’s name did I get myself into this time? I was sneaking around near this city, ducking dragonborn patrols. All of the sudden there was a huge fight that lasted a few days, and then a party! The fighting wasn’t to my liking, so I didn’t join in on that. But the celebration afterward! Boy oh boy that was a great time. And people of all races kept buying me drinks! All I had to do was tell them some story about my heroics in the battle, and I could drink free for a week!

But then, it all happened. I was crashing a dinner in what was the remnants of the old palace, when a bunch of the dragon kind jumped up and started attacking Jewie. I figure he was some sort of rebel, and there was no way for me to avoid the fight this time. I jumped out of my hiding spot and joined in the attack. I was fighting all the bad guys with evil looking arm bands, but I couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about, until they told me Jewbie was the king. But even though my battle cry said otherwise, I was still fighting the usurpers.

And that’s when it all went down hill. Even though I saved the kings life, AND the lives of a few of his subjects (even though the others in my current caravan seemed content to let them die), still no one trusted me. They hung me upside down and started poking me with sharp sticks and interrogating me. I had to make up something quick about looking for a group of adventurers to help me find buried treasure. I hate having to split it with them, but those greedy bastards would have killed me if I hadn’t tempted them with something more valuable than my life.