Tag: Waterdeep


  • Douven

    Douven is human and was born in Neverwinter, but his adventurous spirit had him traveling the known world. He settled down late in life, taking his wife and adventuring companion, Sharon, to live in his hometown. They soon had a daughter, Molly, who is …

  • Irwin Ironbeard

    Ironbeard was taken captive by the Lich, but later rescued by our group of adventurers. Ironbeard is a good friend of Douven's. The two would adventure together before they both settled down in Waterdeep. The dwarf opened up a shop in the market …

  • Morik the Rogue

    Morik was recruited into service by the Lich, and after plaguing the adventurers throughout the entire Dungeon of Woe, they finally caught up with him and killed him. 8.2 skinned him, burned him, and is keeping Morik's skeleton in his bag... Crazy fucker …

  • Crazy Ivan

    Crazy Ivan is a dwarf who hails from the far north province of Iosovonnostalinleningrad. He sails around the southern Great Sea, trading, fighting pirates, battling sea monsters, and eating his enemies alive.