An unassuming 6’ tall half-elf half-human cleric. He is of thin build and wears enchanted leather clothing. His behavior and mannarisms indicate he is from far-away lands. A traveling representative of The Followers Of Torm, he is duty-bound to benevolence and mercy, though at times, he exhibits crude and brash behaviors indicating a shrouded past independent of The Followers.


Born of union between human and elf in tribal elven lands, Redsky’s past was not of ease. His name comes from that of conflict as he was born in the middle of a war between sorcerer-enslaved dwarves and tribal elves, under a blood soaked sky prognosticating a long and difficult conflict. With his parents felled in battle, there are many memories Redsky retains of he and the pureblood of his race retreating deeper into elven lands. Merciless slaughter by shadowy tools of war and black magics haunted his dreams almost nightly.

At the tender age of three, the young half-elf seemed to show strong penchants for magic. He trained with surviving apprentices and magi all who agreed that with proper tutilage, could potentially rival the greatest archmagi and conjurers of the land.

The war raged on and the fates saw a different future for young Redsky. In the fifth and final year of the war, the elves had been pressed to the brink of their land. It seemed that all hope would be lost as the evil forces closed in for a final strike. It was then that an alliance of Humans, Elves, Devas, and uncorrupted Dwarves intervened. Pinned between the alliance and the remaining tribal elves, the dark forces’ chances of victory dwindled by the day.

When the alliance had reached the remaining tribal elves, they scouted the area. In a corner of an elven palace, battle-clerics of The Followers Of Torm found Redsky among a smattering of sorcerer and corrupted dwarven corpses. His face was expressionless, but his body was trembling. The clerics approached him, but in doing so startled the young half-elf. A torrent of arcane and natural magics burst forth from him, nearly killing two of the clerics. The others raised magical defenses and slowly inched closer to Redsky. Upon placing physical restraints and arcane shunts on him, arch-clerics and mages divined his mind. They witnessed the horrors that he had experienced over his lifetime, a malestorm of murder and bloodlust experienced, in the past, only by veterans of great wars. This, combined with his deep magical potential, had manifest in Redsky as a violent storm of magical energies he had used to kill the dark ones who had approached him and nearly did the same to the battle-clerics.

In the coming weeks, a post-war field-counsel was established by the alliance. They knew that the tribal elves had all but lost their home. There were many who would stay and rebuild, but also many who would be willing to follow the alliance and aid with their talents. The counsel saw great, but dangerous potential within the young Redsky. Traumatized by a short life of never-ending battle, they knew that the best hope for him to regain normalcy from chaos was in a life of piety. The arch-clerics of the Followers Of Torm hesitantly volunteered for the task, taking the young Redsky to their most outlying monistaries, out of fear that if they failed to quell his rage, danger would not be posed to the masses. There, Redsky devoted the next two decades bringing calm to his mind and trained as a cleric. On his 25th birthday, advisors of the monestary, satisfied with Redsky’s progress, gave him their blessing to travel the land as a representative of The Followers. His mission was to aid those who were in need, defend those in danger, and to never ask for anything in return. “Rewards,” the advisors stated, “will manifest themselves without your aid.”

On the night of Redsky’s leave, a strange figure appeared before him on the outskirts of the monestary. Redsky was unable to detect any ill intent from the figure, but was able to sense immense magical power from him. The magic was unlike anything he had known or been taught, not arcane, not dark, not natural, but it existed. The figure uttered a mysterious prophecy.

“In your travels, you shall meet a band of adventurers. You will travel with them and be engulfed in a great conflict that will shape the lives of countless many. Tread cautiously, young cleric, for there will be many perils ahead.”

The figure vanished and the entire experience felt as if it was a dream to Redsky, but a vivid one that he would not forget. He shook it off and traveled onward. For the next three years, Redsky did as he was ordered, giving relief and prayer to people in towns and camps. The engagements he helped resolve were minor and nothing close the battles he had experienced. In the third year of his travels, he began to venture deep into lands of conflict where he approached the town of Winterhaven…


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