Marko Lancet


Marko’s head was bitten off by a white dragon in the halls of the winter king.


Marko Lancet grew up on the mean streets of Hadrakar. He lived a life of fraud, gambling, and petty theft until he was caught. It was his sentence to slave away in the mines of the frostjaw peaks, but he escaped, killing a guard in the process. While on the run from patrols, he was forced to head higher into the mountains. A storm in the cold peaks forced the patrols to give up, and Marko saved himself by taking shelter in an ice cave beneath a pillar of ice filled with skulls – the Cairn of the Winter King.

Exploring deep into the winding cave, Marko Lancet found the Ice Scepter in the grip of a figure frozen to a throne and obscured by a thick coating of ice. He took the valuable-looking object and felt warmer. When the storm cleared, he left, now unafraid of the cold. The strange winter has bothered Marko, but he didn’t know the climate of the northern lands, and the Ice Scepter has kept him warm. He intended to sell it in Fallcrest.

Marko Lancet

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