Kim Possible


Kim Possible was born to a wealthy family, but despite all her opportunities in life, she was failing school. Eventually, this led to her parents sending her to boarding school, but this was no ordinary boarding school, it was a school for wizards. She spent all of her teenage years at the school learning the art of wizardry, but was more interested in a boy than any magic. A boy named Harry.

Harry was the most popular boy in school, and hardly even knew that Kim existed. It tore the poor girl apart inside, and she barely passed her classes. Kim graduated and all she could really muster were the basics, like magic missiles. In a last ditch effort to finally set her on the right track, her parents completely cut her off, gave her a few coins, and sent her to live with a friend of theirs, named Douven.

Douven often took in apprentices to help him around the house, and in return he taught them the ways of life. The Possibles hoped beyond hope that it would work on Kim, whereupon she could return to them with life’s most important lessons, and inherit the family business and all the glories that come with being the upper class ruler of a mediocre principality.

Kim Possible

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