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Jewbie’s Journal
Dragonborn swordmage. Level 20!


From a few moments after he hatched from his egg, the dragonborn Jewbie was trained to master both the martial arts and the secrets of the arcane. After serving nearly ten years in the sacred legions of Bahamut with distinction, he violated direct orders from a corrupt commander to put an uncooperative but innocent village to the torch. He was stripped of rank and dishonorably discharged; but a decade of crusade has turned him into a fearsome weapon, able to teleport within enemy ranks, unleash fire and lightning from the tip of his greatsword, and escape with nary a scratch. Jewbie now lives as a soldier of fortune and adventurer, both to occupy his wanderlust and support his considerable gambling and drinking habits. After winning a huge sum in a game of cards against Shadowfell hobgoblins near the town of Winterhaven, the trecherous losers drugged his beer and meant to torture and kill him. Upon awakening, Jewbie slaughtered his captors and escaped to find a band of adventurers (including another dragonborn, the noble and brash Vlade) intent on closing the Shadowfell rift. Long years of duty, along with a sense of opportunity, compelled Jewbie to join forces with these heroes and regain his lost honor and fortune, by both the swing of his sword and the roll of his dice.

Jewbie has since returned to his homeland, defeated the evil Lord Palorax who disgraced and banished him, and lead his people through a bloody civil war as their king. Following the return of the rightful heir to the throne, Jewbie now seeks out evil as the protector and champion of his realm.


Friends of Justice and the Eternal Struggle for Goodly Goodness! asyeoh