Irwin Ironbeard


Irwin Ironbeard is a rough and tough dwarven blacksmith. He adventures with light chainmail and a 2 handed axe almost bigger than he is. His belly has grown big in his late years because he hasn’t adventured in a while, but his muscles are as honed as ever from long hours at the smithing stone.


Ironbeard was taken captive by the Lich, but later rescued by our group of adventurers.

Ironbeard is a good friend of Douven’s. The two would adventure together before they both settled down in Waterdeep. The dwarf opened up a shop in the market district, and soon became one of the best known metal workers around. Part of this is due to the fact that he has deals worked out with some local wizards, and so the enchant his wares with powerful magic dwomers to make them almost priceless.

Irwin Ironbeard

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