Cedric Clarence Nimblefeet, Jr

The nimble footed halfling rogue.


Cedric is average sized for a Halfling, which happens to be average sized for a human child. He has no real muscles to brag about, and neither does he have a big belly to gloat over (though he has been known to eat an exceptional amount of food for one maintaining his girlish figure). The one thing he has going for him is his positive outlook on life and his ability to fool most everyone. He wears light armor and carries only two weapons, magical daggers, which he is very deadly with.

Cedric’s Journal


Cedric grew up the only son of Cedric Clarence Nimblefeet Senior and Sophia Sabrial Botruckle-Nimblefeet. He had a normal childhood for a Halfling, except for the fact that he was the only child of this couple. Most Halfling families are rather big, but because of an accident involving the unfortunate bouncing on his knee of Junior, Cedric Senior was unable to have any more children.

Being an only child, his parents goaded over him constantly. Cedric was sent to the best schools in all Amn, and tutored by the best tutor, his parents. Cedric grew up in the shadows of the best adventurers of their time (so say all the other halflings of Amn). His father taught him how to dual, and his mother how to sneak. Cedric learned how to lie all on his own though, for his parents were known to be most noble.

When Cedric was 17, still but a child, his parents went out on an errand. They never returned. Cedric knew they just had to be out adventuring, like so many stories he heard from the old days, so he waited. After a week passed, Cedric was at home, minding his chores, when there was a knock on the door. It was Shamus Shickley. Everyone called him the shark, and he was proud of his nickname.

The Shark informed Cedric that his parents were in debt to his boss, the known Mafioso Don Prinkles. He continued to inform Cedric that the boy had 15 minutes to grab his things and vacate the premises, because the Mafie was re-possessing his house. He also told the boy that his parents would be “taken care of.” Cedric wasn’t quite sure, but that didn’t sound like a good thing.

Cedric quickly grabbed his pack and as much gear as he could and set out. Something told him his parents were out there somewhere. Maybe it was the way the Shark talked about them, as if the mafia hadn’t found them yet. Cedric knew they were out there, and he was going to find them.

For years now, Cedric has been searching. His only clue is a puzzle box that was his father’s. Cedric Senior used to use it to pass secret messages to his mother. Cedric never has figured out how to open it.

Cedric Clarence Nimblefeet, Jr

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